TOGIP™ Recruitment

What we offer

  • Comprehensive role profiling – we will help your organisation to identify precisely the current and future demand for potential and competence in particular roles within your industry sector.
  • Candidate sourcing and strategy development – we will help your organisation develop a proactive approach to candidate recruitment, with emphasis on searching for qualified people with some strategies focusing on those actively looking for a new job and others identifying as passive candidates.

What we offer

  • Targeted and personalised advertising campaigns across a wide range of online platforms.
  • Complete shortlisting of candidates and extensive screening – identifying the candidates from your applicant pool who best meets the required and desired criteria. Reviewing job applications to find the closest applicant-job-description matches, keeping in mind qualifications, experience, skill sets, and projected candidate-organisation fit.
  • Social media candidate check – providing a social media screening of candidates past online activities and public profiles.

If you are looking for Marketing, Finance, HR, Customer Service, Sales, Accounting, IT or Software Developers, we can help.


120 – 122 Braymere Road


Peterborough, PE7 8NB

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