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Shared Services

Shared services are an innovative approach to delivering high-quality services efficiently and effectively.

Shared services capitalise on economies of scale, moving administrative tasks away from individual business units into a central operation unit.

TOGIP shared services create a dynamic market place for its business partners focused on a range of service sectors including hospitality, leisure and accommodation.

Why Shared Services?

The benefits of shared services can be felt across an organisation in four main areas – strategy, people, technology and process:

1. Strategy – Our strategy is to provide reliable service at a reasonable cost. This does not mean that all costs should not be recovered – shared services make this mission possible and contribute to driving strategy.

2. People – Dedicating resources to a shared services function allows for more focused personnel training and dedicated technical resources since the primary mission is to serve our customers with these services. This allows for more effective allocation of resources across the departments of our businesses.

3. Process – Standardised processes lead to greater efficiencies in delivery and ease of communication across departmental lines.

4. Technology – Shared technology provides a single source of information and single point of technology solutions leading to a reduction in the need for multiple IT personnel and related maintenance costs.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our business partners to meet their goals by providing exceptional shared services.

Through engagement and proactive action we aim to make our businesses feel like they are in a valued partnership throughout their journey with us.

Who are TOGIP?

TOGIP is a shared services resource team specialising in the Customer Services, Marketing, Sales, Development, HR, Technology and Accounting sectors. Each expert offers expertise to our business partners who can then focus on their day to day operations safe in the knowledge that their back office administrative tasks are being cared for by exceptional people.